Will Galaxy S9 match to its rumours and expectations?

Will Galaxy S9 match to its rumours and expectations?

Samsung has achieved a great success with its recently launched phone – Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. For next year, Samsung is going to launch its new flagship which will replace its predecessor and hit the market with many innovative features, stunning display, dynamic processor and much more entertainment.

Infinite Display

All in all, Samsung Galaxy S8 + is a brilliant device, it made the functions, even more, user friendly. Even the Super AMOLED screen of 6.2″ which is now called Infinity Display and, by virtue of the ratio of 18.5: 9, the side frame reduced to a minimum union (occupies almost 84% of the front surface) and design perfectly symmetrical with respect to the back, ensures enviable ergonomics, such that you can use most of the functions using a single hand. A stunning display of Galaxy S9 will amaze you. Front panel covers 95% Screen to body ratio. The glossy body cover will make you your eyes gleam.

In addition, the panel of Galaxy S8 has Mobile HDR Premium certificate because it is capable of representing more than 90% of the Dci-P3 color spectrum (actually 113%), namely RGB used in film and has a brightness of 540 candelas per square meter. Finally, at the bottom where there was the home button (disappeared in favor of a more modern layout with integrated function keys in TouchWiz) is now an area 3D Touch that “reads” the pressure to simulate the physical button. Innovative Galaxy S9 is bringing innovative technologies with it the next year. The device will offer HDR cable which will support HDR 10 content. With this feature, the display is capable of furnishing a wide range of dazzling visual colors with high-detailed and genuineness.

Galaxy Foundation

The foundations on which the Samsung Galaxy S8 + are derived from previous models, and body IP68 (resistant to dust and diving up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes), Always On Display function to display the essential information even with the screen off and wireless charging and quick. The new elements are made up of seven native Android with a redesigned and rejuvenated TouchWiz, which now offers a more modern, minimal and elegant stylistically (the app drawer now fires with a gesture). The upcoming Samsung flagship Galaxy S9 will come out with a new Android Version 8.0. Presently, it hasn’t received a specific name for it but soon it will flash out in the news. Galaxy S9 with its waterproof, dust-proof qualities and other dynamic feature is completely ready to hit the market in 2018. Galaxy S9 has been given a new code name “Star”.

In addition, Galaxy S8 integrates Bixby, a real butler handyman who learns from every day and contextualized resources and functions offered. Finally, the Korean brand has also focused on security: access controlled by fingerprint, an iris scan is added (already seen on the Note 7) and face recognition. I mean, just look at your smartphone to unlock it. Same features but highly optimized would be seen in Galaxy S9. Samsung will transpose the fingerprint scanner to a different site.

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