Two Kinds of Realization Patterns of Video Whiteboard in Video Conference Software

Two Kinds of Realization Patterns of Video Whiteboard in Video Conference Software

Video conferencing software, led by information technology products more and more favored by enterprises and institutions, many units of the daily meeting are through remote video conferencing to achieve, video conferencing software can not only simulate the face of the sound, video exchange, you can also document Sharing, electronic whiteboard and other collaborative functions, and in these collaborative functions, the whiteboard is that we often use, then we in the development of video conferencing, video games should be how to achieve the function of the electronic whiteboard? Achieve whiteboard functionality is divided into two modes: photo mode, dot patterns, two methods are different, and difficult to achieve the effect also varies. Here we compare the realization of these two ways to achieve the principles and processes.

1, picture mode

Video conference whiteboard as the name suggests is graffiti on the whiteboard, and then transmitted to other clients, in order to achieve collaborative browsing. Thus, we first thought is to use pictures to realize, first of whiteboard image coding, then compressed and transferred to other clients, and finally decoded data sharing and redraw the display. The realization of the method is relatively simple, only need to screenshot the electronic whiteboard image can be achieved, but there are many problems, the way through the transmission of pictures to achieve, but if the real-time graffiti, each need to transfer A complete picture, so there will be a lot of redundant data, the transmission efficiency is very low, the other way can not achieve multi-person graffiti at the same time, for more people graffiti also need to stack different images, processing steps more For cumbersome. So this way can not be used as video whiteboard implementation mode of video conferencing software.

2, dot matrix mode

Dot matrix mode is the best way to achieve the video whiteboard software, the so-called dot matrix way is to separate the whiteboard into a different dot matrix interval, and then create a drawing data list, The location of the painting to write the location of the data list inside, in this list, we can distinguish between different lines, different fonts and different operations, through the list of data structure, we can restore the operator in the whiteboard What kind of operation, when the operator to complete a operation, the data list update and transfer once, the receiver receives the data list, the data to restore and redraw the data, so you can restore the operator’s data in real time The This method not only real-time transmission of the operator’s operating data, but also can greatly reduce the amount of data transmission, we transfer the data is only transmitted dot matrix data, rather than a picture, so the way widely used in video conferencing software, electronic whiteboard Of the design and development.

In summary, in the development of video conferencing software whiteboard among lattice model is the best choice, it can not only improve real-time transmission and reducing bandwidth transmission, although the realization of the need to increase the number of whiteboard Function, but the most basic core is through the lattice mode to achieve data transmission.

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