How to tell a story from the beginning if it works the Online Dating Test

How to tell a story from the beginning if it works the Online Dating Test

At the beginning of a story is very difficult to understand if we are in front of the whole or true love or we love dates or if it is an illusion. But if a story will work to understand there are a number of spies almost infallible.

A story of love, especially in the beginning, may seem like a wonderful fairy tale, but be warned, it could be real. Here is a checklist of tricks on online dating websites to see if your relationship is real or only live in your imagination: only the former could really last forever.

Prick up their ears

When you are in love cooked, paradoxically, we tend to pay little attention to what he says our partners, we see Prince Charming as a spotless totally devoid of any meanness. Without live in suspicion and skepticism, it is good to be listening carefully to what he says, and as such speaks of his friends or family, what are his beliefs and his principles. What he says is really consistent with the image we have made of him? Or are we ignoring some aspects of his character that could be incompatible with ours?

The words match the actions?

Many people are dangerously adept with words, a good dialectic, combined with the excellent provision we have towards our new partner, can be a mix can really blur the mind. But these fine words are reflected in reality? He says he is romantic, but what did the really romantic? And it is easy or challenging gestures?

Compare with lucidity

It ‘true that two people do not have to be equal to have a solid and lasting romance. But the most important goals and aspirations must be shared. Objectively examine their life choices, and compare our attitudes about such thorny issues as money, religion, physical intimacy. On the major issues we must, if not full support, at least mutual respect.

The test of time

One of the most common mistakes on senior dating sites that are done at the beginning of a relationship is taking behaviors that can’t be maintained in the long term, because they are not really part of our character or the partner. The test of time is surely one of the most effective ways to understand if we have loved a real person or fictional image.

Be honest

Be honest with ‘self is very difficult when you are totally taken by another person. But, if we are to avoid wasting time and losing it to another, it is good to try to answer the tough questions. We are really in tune with our new love, or feel that we are becoming a different person just to please him? Perhaps, this is not what we really want.

No to “Red Cross”

Your new partner has made it clear that his happiness depends solely on you. The role of savior or the Red Cross can be rewarding, especially at the beginning: we all like to feel beautiful and essential. But true love is the fulfillment of two people who have already reached a good level of awareness and of themselves well against ‘them. Otherwise, the relationship is unhealthy and destined for unhappiness.

Make sure that your needs are met

In a true relationship, you also love the way the other person wants to be loved. We are willing to take in four while making your partner happy, but it must be reciprocal. If we realize that we are constantly in battle so that our emotional needs are met, it means that our partner does not love us as we want to be loved.

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