Tech talent most demanded in Singapore and Malaysia

Tech talent most demanded in Singapore and Malaysia

As Southeast Asia is quickly becoming the worlds tech center, a current trend has emerged on the monthly job market gauge of hiring activity online called Monster Employment Index (MEI).  This trend has shown that technically talented individuals are currently in high demand in both Singapore and Malaysia with a respective growth of 22% and 52% over the course of a month in the fields of IT and the Telecom industry.


Monster Employment Index (MEI) is tracked by and works by comprising data of any online hiring operations in Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines, as well as individualized data pertaining to the IT, BPO/ITES and Telecom/ISP industries.

Telecom/ISP and BPO/ITES industries and their growth in SE Asia.

Software, telecom and hardware experts are currently in demand in both countries, but Malaysia consistently pulling ahead of it’s closest neighboring countries by a record 74% with figures talent from the February 2018 recordings showing an annual rise in recruitment by 35%.  Starkly contrasting the Philippines which recorded a fairly solid 12% rise in January 2018.

Singapore recorded a substantial 10% annual growth, however, suffered a decline in the demand for these positions in February 2018 as only a 9% increase was recorded.  The Philippines meanwhile, had a surprising 20% increase, also for February.


As digitalization and automation seem to be the way forward for many companies choosing to set up their technology centers in Southeast Asia, this has lead to a rise in the recruitment of specialized talent.

Many of the job roles becoming available are newly developed and have emerged due to the constant development and transformation of the IT industry with more and more companies adapting technology to improve their business operations.

Although many companies are automating their digitalized systems, they are still keen to hire human employees thus creating a higher demand for technologically skilled workers.

Supply and demand

But even though there is high demand to fill these technical roles, there is still a shortage of talent to fill the vacancies, with many people ‘upskilling’ in order to build on their existing skills to get into a more specialized niche and pressure is on the companies who are being urged to create a contingency plan and to expand their talent searches into related niches.

The Government has been called upon to help to fill the roles created by the advancements in technology by offering Government initiatives which are currently in place to help to train talent for the specific roles that are available to them, thus trying to ease the situation by providing a workforce that are properly trained within their chosen niche.

But as the current market stands, there are still many more roles that need to be filled and as technological advancements continue to be made, more specialized jobs are being created that need a workforce to occupy the vacancies.  Maybe, in the future, companies will turn themselves over completely to artificial intelligence for its workers, thus putting an end to having to wait for people to retrain in order to do the jobs.

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