ProGo scooter: time to choose the eco-friendly vehicles

ProGo scooter: time to choose the eco-friendly vehicles

Caring about the environment is our common duty since we all live under the same sky. And whether we breathe a fresh air or a highly concentrated carbon dioxide substance to a higher extent determines how long we are going to live.

It’s been known for a while that gasoline vehicles appear to be the reason of the global warming effect. With regards to this fact, a number of countries have provided limitations concerning the percentage of emissions and gas-powered machines production. Today there are territories where gas-driven vehicles are just prohibited by law… yet; propane scooters remains an absolutely legal kind of transport.

Advantages of an ecologically clean type of fuel

The first and the major advantage is that you don’t harm the ecosystem and contribute to the healthier future of your own children. The conscious people pay much attention to this fact today since the problem of air pollution requires an immediate interference. And Los Angeles-based manufacturer ProGo Recreation became the first to introduce a scooter working on an ecologically clean type of fuel. Its name is ProGo 3000 and it uses propane as the source of power.

If we consider the chemical properties of propane, it has a very low concentration of carbon and thus, emits practically no wastes after the combustion process. Low level of exhausts also means a low level of deposits, accumulating inside the engine. This, surely, positively influences the appliance’s work and provides a lesser materials deterioration. Therefore, when using propane as a fuel you show care of both the environment and your own vehicle. No doubt, the piston block, same as other mechanisms will be grateful for such a gentle use of their potential. In response, they’ll offer a no-failure work in a long run and will grant you with the maximum productivity of work.

Peculiar facts about the product

Eventually, when seeing this scooter in the streets, people often tend to mock at its tiny dimensions. Phrases like ‘you don’t understand, it’s eco-friendly’ or ‘it’s fuel-efficient’ don’t seem to work that much. However, should somebody see you easily getting out of a road jam or folding and carrying the device like a bag he/she would, surely, change his/her biased opinion. One can’t simply take his car and carry it a couple hundreds of meters (unless he’s a Marvel/DC superhero). So, when someone asks what the point of owning such a small scooter, you can answer with no slightest hesitation – portability.

Another peculiar feature is that this little thing comes with a four-stroke engine, providing an easy start and a faultless operation throughout the use. Things like carburetor gum up and problematic cold start are no longer issues. A 25 cc propane powered engine develops the speed of up to 20 mph and shows no signs of jamming or overheating. Also, the front and rare disc brakes allow you to totally control the situation on a road and immediately react to any unpredictable changes. For a novice rider, it means the maximum level of safety and the minimal need of maintenance – good choice for a beginning driver.

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