Hydraulic press juicer – get maximum out of your fruits

Hydraulic press juicer – get maximum out of your fruits

Great many people around the globe dream of obtaining a juice extractor that would just give the premium-quality juice and could serve faithfully in a long run. With regards to this fact lots of potential owners start digging through dozens of online stores and view the most recent innovations that have currently flooded the market. However, the true fact is few of those ever pay attention to the manually operated juice extracting machines. Hasten to say, that kind of ignorance often turns to be reason of a wrongly made purchase. For that not to happen we highly recommend to read the following juicer review.

Major specifics and the key principles of work

Naturally, in contrast to all the electrically-driven machines, Samson Welles hydraulic press juicer has no motor to do the work instead of you. However, one shouldn’t take that for some sort of a shortcoming. In terms of efficiency, this fact only benefits to the final quality of produce. The main hydraulic mechanism is designed to create a pressure of simply unmatched power. None of the currently existing machines either we speak of centrifugal or masticating type of juicers can press the fruits/vegetables with a 2-ton force. This one can. To add more, it squeezes every drop from the pulp and makes it absolutely dry. Surely, pressing every single bit of a fruit takes time and some part of efforts in this case. However, the fact all the nutrients and vitamins will be preserved and fully extracted smoothest away this minor drawback.

The fact this model is manually driven gives another reason to admire the product: you can totally control the juice extraction process. Thus, you as the operator can choose the applied force for every single ingredient you press and use the device for maximum productivity.

Mere benefits of a hydraulic juicer

The first and major benefit of owning an appliance is that you won’t ever have troubles with oxidation affecting the juice taste. The absence of motor provides one significant advantage – the temperature doesn’t go up. This being said, the enzymes and minerals won’t ever get damaged by the heat factor, leaving you the opportunity to enjoy the highest quality beverages. After some couple of uses, you’ll see clearly that the time spent on juice preparation is totally worth the resulting outcome. No other appliance could possibly offer you a taste like that.

Another beneficial aspect is that you won’t need to bother with cleaning your juicer. There are no augers or pulp separators that require a thorough cleaning. You can just rinse the appliance under the running water and all the remnants will be washed away. Assuming, you’ll have plenty of chances to say kind words about the juice extractor when time isn’t on your side. In addition, the fact it’s manually operated relieves you of concerns about noise production. With Samson Welles by your side, you can press juice regardless of place and time and thus, enjoy your favorite fresh drink even in the middle of a night.

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