How do I clean my air fryer?

How do I clean my air fryer?

There are so many options on air fryer in these days market to buy anyone for your home use and several guides also available to pick the best one, you can read more at gowise air fryer review. So, buying the best air fryer is not a matter at all, but keep cleaning that fryer is very crucial to maintain it for longer years. Buying an air fryer is a kind of investment and it should come for longer years to save your money. At the same time, cooking foods in air fryer without cleaning is results in reduced taste and tender ingredients. Therefore, before buying air fryer, cleaning air fryer is better to enjoy foods always.

How do I clean my air fryer?

How often do you ask yourself about it? Cleaning air fryer is not that much complex process as like as you think, but you have to pay more attention to maintaining air fryer. Here is a step by step procedure to clean the air fryer.

Step #1: At first, you need to unplug the air fryer and cleaning the outer surfaces of the fryer with a moist cloth to clean. After completion of cleaning outer surfaces, you need to remove the basket from the fryer. To clean outer surface, you can use a soft cloth or sponge and soak it with warm water.

Step #2: There are chances to stuck foods inside the air fryer, but you don’t worry; a medium sized soft brush helps you to remove those wastes. But, you need to avoid using of wire brush that is made of steel threads because of results in damages on the heating element of the air fryer.

Step #3: Once you cooked the foods, and then remove the hot pan from the fryer and pour hot water to clean it. After that, add a small amount of cleaning liquid with water and leave it for few minutes. From this process, foods and dust stored in the pan are removed gradually.

Step #4: However, there might be still some foods on the pan, so use a soft brush or sponge to completely clean the air fryer. Then, do this same for all pans come with air fryers such as grilling, roasting, baking and frying pans.

Step #5: To clean stains in the bottom of the air fryer, you can dip a cotton cloth on cleaning liquid and then wipe the bottoms of pans and air fryer machine.

Step #6: Finally, it is very important to keep the air fryer and its components a cool dry place to avoid moisture, as you can see at consumer reports air fryer.

That’s all!! This is the cleaning procedure that you need to follow, but it is not necessary to do this on daily. However, you must do this for at least 3 days once and if you want to taste delicious taste, then it is better to clean the pans regularly to feel the taste of each and every ingredient you added. At the same time, usage of air fryer increases, and then cleaning daily is a must.

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