Great Examples Of Rebranding Done Right

Great Examples Of Rebranding Done Right

Rebranding can sometimes be necessary in order for your business to grow. If you have reached a dead-end, or you simply feel that your business does not represent something that it used to, maybe it is time to think about rebranding. If you are interested, you can contact the brand consultancy Sydney like BrandQuest, and hire a marketing or branding consultant.

Today, you have a ton of companies and businesses that have rebranded and succeeded, and below is a list of a couple of example. If you are thinking of rebranding you can take some pointers from the ones who already did.

  1. Burberry is a great example

Even if you are not familiar with the name, you would probably recognize their trademark; which is a tan, black and red check pattern. This is a brand that was founded in England over 150 years ago, and once it was a small brand that now grew and became popular among celebrities.

You did not hear the name? Well, you have surely seen this pattern!

However, not everything was so smooth from day one to now, as Burberry was at a risk of being dismissed not that long ago. Because of the rumor that Burberry’s brand was considered as gangwear, it became quite famous among hooligans and there were even pubs that banned anyone who wore the brand.

When Burberry got transferred to another leader everything changed. The new leadership and the great design were the ones that were able to transform the brand into one of the most famous and hottest fashion labels today.

  1. Nobody knew Old Spice before, and now it’s a sensation

Once a boring label, Old Spice started to rise thanks to a former NFL player called Isaiah Mustafa and the famous quite he says in the commercial. Now, Old Spice is actually a new Old Spice. After the first commercial featuring the former NFL player was launched, Old Spice became quite popular.

This just shows that sometimes a little bit of humor can help you a long way. For example, today, everyone knows the quite “I’m on a Horse” because of their funny commercial. This is something that made them popular, and you can learn from them.

  1. Once nearly bankrupt, now Apple is ruling the world

Back in 1977, Apple was very close to bankrupting, but looking at the company now, the stock prices have gone from 5$ to 350$ and the company is stronger than ever. But what changed? After producing products such as iMac, iPads and iPods, Apple became very famous among the younger generations.

You haven’t probably met anyone who has not heard about Apple

  1. Everyone love McDonald’s

There have been many ups and downs when it comes to this particular brand, and you should probably be aware of that already. McDonald’s was seen as a dirty and unhealthy restaurant that just made people fat, which was explained in the documentary called Super Size me.

After that, McDonald’s has tried to rebrand itself, offering their consumers other types of healthier food options, such as a variety of salads and healthy meals. This has shown that McDonald’s cares about the public, as it again rose to top.

Final word

Many of you are probably wondering how you can rebrand your company and become as successful as any of the above-mentioned brands, and there is a simple solution. By contacting a rebranding agency like BrandQuest, you will be able to hire a marketing or branding consultant who will surely help you reach your desired goal.

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