Some Choices of Destinations for Denpasar Sightseeing

Some Choices of Destinations for Denpasar Sightseeing

Denpasar is the important town in Bali Island. Of course, this is not only for the governmental affairs, yet it is also great spot for tourism. Denpasar and the area around this town have awesome tourism destinations and they are great places to visit. These destinations are the combination of cultural heritage and the beauty of nature, so there will be many things to discover and explore. In this case, Denpasar Art Center can be the first choice about denpasar sightseeing to explore. As its name, tourists will be able to see the great art performances. This is also the place for annual event called Bali Art Festival. Indoor and outdoor performances can be seen during the annual event that is usually held from July to August. There are amphitheaters and auditoriums as the place to see the performances. Although it is not in the art festival, people still can walk around the art center to see the great arts provided in the sculptures and other things that become the authentic arts of Balinese.

Then, for the art and history enthusiasts, there is Bali Provincial Museum or local people call it Museum Negeri Propinsi Bali. As its name, this is the place where tourists can find the great history of Bali and these are worth to explore. This is the perfect location to find great historical sites in Denpasar sightseeing.  Location of this museum is strategic since it is located close to the office of mayor and Puputan Badung civic square. This museum is the oldest museum in Bali. There are up to 10,000 things to find in the museum. The structure and architecture of this museum really represents the great culture of Bali. Furthermore, the civic square is also important place during the era of invasion from other country. Ceramics, statues ancient inscriptions, and other stuffs can be found in this museum that is divided into three pavilions (Buleleng, Karangasem, and Tabanan).

Then, the other great destination in Denpasar sightseeing is Serangan Island. This island offers several great things that will make people get closer to the sea and marine life. There are many great things to explore and people will never get bored to explore this island.

  • The first destination is the shark island. This is still part of the Serangan Island. In this area, tourists are possible to have interaction with sharks. They do not need to worry since they are not the wild sharks and it is safe to get interaction with them. Even, it is possible to swim with the sharks. The sharks are fed well and this is also part of the shark conservations, since some of the adult sharks are released in the open sea to keep the ecosystem.
  • Then, there is also Turtle Conservation and Education Centre. As its name, this destination offer great chance to see the turtle hatchery. This is the breeding place for turtle and conservation. Adults and kids will enjoy the moment staying in this conservation site since there are many pools full of turtles with different sizes. The turtles are separated based on the age and size and they look so cute. Of course, there are also special spots to find merchandise related to turtles.
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