A Brief History of the Fans – Soul mate of Every Human Being

A Brief History of the Fans – Soul mate of Every Human Being

Fans actually have a long history that many probably are unaware of. Fans have been used as status symbols, decorative pieces, and cooling devices. In the past, fans were made from palm leaves and feathers, with bases of wood, paper, and even chicken skin! Hand held fans were used as communicating tools; certain waves of a fan indicated specific emotions or messages in social circles. As status symbols, fans displayed costly materials and precious materials, displaying an individual’s wealth. Gold, mother of pearl, tortoiseshell, and ivory were used in some fan designs, creating pieces of art in the process. Museums around the world today are dedicated to displaying some of these historic fans and this unique form of art, and handheld fans are still popular in the contemporary world of fashion.

Shaping the World of This Modern Marvel

Fans have come a long way in the last 30 years. From the basic utility models that came in three colors, ceiling fans are not works of art in a dizzying array of styles, colors and options. The first real fan was looked like a hand carved tree truck with chipped, thick blades. Called the Great lodge, it was a creative ground breaker and created an entirely new market that soon expanded to all sorts of new models; though most can be broken down into two broad categories; Fake wood and Figures.

Electricity and Fan – Gift Of the Engineering

With the discovery of electricity, the fan became an automatic motor-powered cooling device, without the tiring of human arms. Large spaces can now be cooled in a very short amount of time. Industrial fans can cool at an extraordinary rate, bringing much-needed relief without draining your energy bills. The first electric fan was invented in the late 1800’s by Philip Diehl, who used a sewing machine’s motor for an electric ceiling fan. It was known as the Diehl Electric Fan. He added his own light kit later on and continued to work on advancements.

Downfall of the Fan’s Demand

From the Great Depression to the sixties, electric fans became less and less popular and less available in America, but in the seventies, they were back with a bang for a while.  However, with more cooling advancements, air conditioners reduced fan popularity once again, and with the reduction in popularity came a reduction in research and features. The standard of high-class fan motors, blades, and housing were somewhat lost from the nineties through recent years with mass production and the flourishment of modern chain stores.

The Evergreen Breeze

Yet, today companies such as Electric Fan have worked hard to make fans a guaranteed, high-tech appliance where quality comes above quantity. While an air conditioner is an excellent cooling tool, electric fans are the only appliances that perform cooling duties with the boy using a considerably low amount of energy and work to actually move and circulate the air while in operation. Our fans come with all of the latest technology, placing high CFM and RPM, long fan life, and low noise level at the top of our list of products. With the Underwriter’s Laboratory and Energy Star ratings available today, we can guarantee your fan in the categories of energy savings and effective output, so you don’t have to just take our word for it.

From beautiful hand held objects to highly rated electric fans that can cover as much as 1500 square feet the fan has come a long way and is preferred in most homes and buildings as not only a desirable apparatus, but as a necessity!

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