Boat Trailer Maintenance – Most Essential Routine To Carry Out

Boat Trailer Maintenance – Most Essential Routine To Carry Out

Doing the maintenance of your boat trailer correctly can save you from a lot of headache. Here are a few tips for maintaining the second most important component of your boating equipment.

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While boat trailers are not the coolest items, they are important if you wish to enjoy boating. So, it’s quite surprising why the trailer is often neglected when it’s about its maintenance even sometimes by the fussiest boaters?

People are happy to spend hundreds of dollars on the servicing of their boats and outboard motors once they import a boat from USA like Dazmac Logistics for example; however they usually don’t give even a thought for a second to the essential item that saves their joy and pride from coming in contact with bitumen.

Money-saving is often the aim of poor trailer maintenance. It’s no fun in denying that people don’t prefer to spend money on their boat trailer when they can purchase a fish-finder instead. Catching that huge snapper doesn’t depend on whether you’ve serviced your trailer or not. Or does it?

Right Boat Trailer Maintenance

Anything that immerses in saltwater needs maintenance. Wheel bearings of a boat trailer should be examined every 12 months and applied with fresh lubricants.

There are leaf springs in most boat trailers for suspension. They are made of sheets of spring steels, bound together, thereby providing a cushioning or springing effect. They are prone to rust. Given the extremely corrosive properties of salt, this area needs a great attention when it’s about trailer maintenance.

The moment the leaf spring rusts, it will begin spreading apart. It’s this point that they should be replaced as rusty leaf springs can never be repaired.

Trailer tyres undergo extreme conditions. The fact that they may not require to cover high mileages usually causes them to stay on a trailer for prolonged periods, typically in the one position and this makes them perish and crack.

Tyre pressures are also tricky, particularly in warmer weather, since they run a much higher tyre pressure than that of a car.

Another area needing attention regularly is lights. Experts suggest to switch to LED lighting if your trailer doesn’t have them already.

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Keeping Rust Away from Boat Trailers

Rust is a dangerous enemy of a boat trailer. Timely examination of cross members, particularly in older trailers is essential. Rust causes a loss of structural integrity and is among the major causes of vessels being dumped on the deck.

You should get under your trailer and look closely for rust. If there is rust, it means it’s time to replace your trailer.

Essential Tips for Boat Trailer Maintenance

  • Wheel Bearings: Wheel bearings should be checked and probably replaced at least once every 12 months. If it’s unnecessary to replace them, clean them neatly, apply fresh grease and install new seals.
  • Leaf Springs: If you notice daylight passing through them, replace them.
  • Tyres: Replace them every two years. Move around the trailer when laid up and maintain a good pressure in the tyres.
  • Hammer Test: Test the trailer with a hammer. If a ‘ping’ sound comes, it’s a sign that the steel is good. Instead if a dull thud is heard, there are high chances of rust. Do this test every six months.
  • Brake Adjustment: Adjust brakes and maintain their adjustment.
  • Wash Down: After every use, wash each part of your trailer carefully. This is a single most useful way to take care of a boat trailer.

It’s not only enough to do boat shipping from Dazmac Logistics or similar trusted boat import service. It’s also essential to maintain your boat as well as trailer for the true enjoyment of boating.

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