Are You Aware How Much You Are Paying to Buy Steroids?

Are You Aware How Much You Are Paying to Buy Steroids?

People who are regularly consuming steroids to improve their performance in sports often do not consider how much they are investing in their endeavor. Usually, most of the steroid users’ source steroids from many different sources and the price is usually not the same. Some may buy using a prescription from stores or some people may be sourcing from any underground laboratory. Online purchase is also quite common these days.

Quite a number of steroid users also prefer to take healthy route and choose alternative anabolic steroids, which are in fact natural supplements. Whatever route one opts for, it is a good idea to find out certain legal alternatives where one should invest their money to get the desired results of steroids.

We can buy vet grade, underground, human grade or powders. There are several factors that plays a role in determining the price of the steroid.

How much are you paying for steroids?

Unfortunately, there is no official price list available for steroids and therefore let us see how the basic cost is determined at different sources.

The underground laboratories do not follow any guidelines regarding the dosage and accuracy and neither any cost analysis or market survey to determine the cost. Therefore, mostly steroids obtained from such source are found to be least expensive.

Due to the presence of such underground source of steroids many of the pharmacists are forced to bring their price to that level so that they can also sell their product in the market. Therefore, the difference between prices of underground steroids and the pharmacy steroids are not much.  

However, if you buy steroid in injection form then you can see the difference in the price. The reason for this is that the effect of injection lasts longer and therefore you need not take them too frequently like the oral steroids.

Length of the dosage cycle

How much you are spending on steroids also depends upon its cycle length. Obviously if you go for 16-week cycle then you will pay more as compared to 8-week cycle. If you prefer much shorter cycle then you can save some money, but may not get desired results. Finally, many people prefer herbal alternatives.

Herbal steroids

If you prefer to go for herbal form of steroids then to get the desired effect you have to consume for longer duration. Therefore, effectively you end up paying more as compared to buying steroids that can give results faster.  


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