What To Ask When Looking For A Podiatrist

What To Ask When Looking For A Podiatrist

Are you suffering from heel pain and certain foot problems? Don’t waste time- you need to consult a podiatrist right away before the problem gets worse. But with sea of options, it can be challenging to choose the right foot doctor. To help you come up with an educated decision, here’s what to ask when looking for a podiatrist.

Do they admit and treat specific age of patients?

One thing you should ask your doctor is whether there is a particular age of patients they accept. Treatment differs according to age. It’s best to look for a doctor that covers treatment for all backgrounds and ages. Good thing is that Dee Why physio at ModPod Podiatry accepts and treats patients regardless of age.

What’s their work philosophy?

Asking the philosophy of work of your prospective podiatrist is the key to finding an honest and reliable foot care practitioner. The philosophy of a podiatric clinic defines the culture and working style of the team.

Do you have extended field experiences?

Experience is another important factor to consider when looking for a podiatrist. New foot doctors may have good level of knowledge and skills but experienced podiatrists can still do a better job because they have been exposed to different kinds of foot and ankle problems. A board certified podiatrist that has extensive experiences in the field is the right person for you.

Is the clinic comfortable and health friendly?

Sure thing, you never want to be treated in an uncomfortable place. It’s not just about the physical facet of the podiatry clinic, but it also means how the staff treats their clients who come to them. If you feel being unwelcomed, you may not be able to get the treatment you need.

What are your techniques and what technologies do you use?

While skill and experience are crucial factors, the tools and techniques used in podiatric treatment also matter. Look for doctors who apply effective strategies when advanced facilities to administer better treatment and quality care for every patient. Take a seat with your doctor and feel free to ask about the technologies and strategies they use in their profession.

Do they recommend surgery appointment on the onset?

Some patients take too long and oftentimes back out on their podiatry check-ups. One factor that affects their decision is the fear that they will have to go through the knife. We can’t blame them, as there are doctors who recommend surgery right away without considering conservative treatment options first.

As a smart patient, keep in mind that not all foot health problems need surgery just to get the right treatment. As such, be sure that your podiatrist considers all possible treatment options and not only surgery.

There you go- the right questions to ask in order to gauge your prospective podiatrist.

These questions go a long way to help you find the best podiatrist to address your problem. Contact podiatrists Manly at ModPod for diagnosis and treatment.


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